There has been a renewed focus on safe sleep and understanding the safe sleep guidelines in the education and childcare sector as a result of the ACECQA (National Framework) changes around sleep and rest which occurred in October 2017. One of the principles in the ACECQA safe sleep and rest practices information document is that:

 ‘Nominated supervisors and educators should receive information and training to fulfil their roles effectively, including being made aware of the sleep and rest policies, their responsibilities in implementing these, and any changes that are make over time’.

  • One of the main advantages of engaging SIDS and Kids SA to provide specialised safe sleeping education, is the information provided to educators and/or support staff would be regularly updated to reflect current practices, trends and issues occurring within South Australia in relation to safe sleeping. SIDS and Kids SA are the leading provider of safe infant sleeping information to the South Australian childcare sector, regularly presenting to childcare educators as part of their professional development. 


  • SIDS and Kids SA recommend that all childcare centres with staff working with babies and infants undertake safe sleep education every 2 to 3 years, or more often if there is a regular changeover of staff. Regular education will ensure that staff are current and up to date with safe sleep recommendations and best practice.



SIDS and Kids SA offer the following educational opportunities to childcare professionals.

  • Childcare Educators


SIDS and Kids Safe Infant Sleeping training for Childcare Professionals


This 1.5-2 hour continuing professional development activity will provide childcare professionals with a sound understanding of safe sleeping principles, so that they can model these in day to day practice, as well as providing childcare staff with a background to the safe infant sleeping recommendations to enable staff to confidently discuss safe sleeping issues with parents and caregivers.


Attendees comments about the session:


"Fantastic learning opportunity."


"So rewarding in so many areas."


"The entire team found the presentation really interesting and it has stimulated great conversations and thoughts about how we do things."


"The session was fantastic and our educators were really excited to feed back the information we all learned."


"All the girls really enjoyed the session and have had nothing but positive comments about how much they enjoyed it and what they learned."


"Definitely something I would recommend for every centre to do."


We also run small group Safe Sleep training sessions for childcare professionals at our Hindmarsh office on Wednesdays. These sessions may work for educators who wish to undertake training for their own professional development or for childcare centres that have received whole centre onsite training within the last 2 years but have staff who missed the session or have recruited new staff that they wish to get up to speed on the safe sleep guidelines.


Safe Sleep information via email and phone support


SIDS and Kids SA are available to answer questions on safe infant sleeping issues and infant products via phone and email.

  • Family Day Carers


SIDS and Kids SA have worked with DfE family day care coordinators to provide continuing professional development to family day carers.

Attendees comments about the session:

“The session was amazing. Clear, concise and very easy to understand."


Safe Sleep information via email and phone support


SIDS and Kids SA are available to answer questions on safe infant sleeping issues and infant products via phone and email.


Liza Jankowski

Education Manager


Phone:             8332 1066