SIDS and Kids SA has a small and dedicated team.

As such we are reliant on healthcare professionals to help spread our Safe Sleeping message to the broader community. We work with government departments such as CaFHS (Child and Family Health Service) and midwives and neonatal nurses from both the public and private sector.


1) Midwives


  • In South Australia the Safe Infant Sleeping Standards are best practice indicators for all persons working/volunteering with parents and/or caregivers with infants under 12 months of age.

  • These Standards require staff to be able to effectively promote and model safe infant sleep practices and environments. The standards apply to staff in all facilities and settings and ensure that parents and caregivers receive consistent and accurate information and the opportunity to observe recommended safe sleeping practices.

  • The South Australian Safe Infant Sleeping Standards closely mirror the  recommendations for safe infant sleeping.

  • SIDS and Kids SA offer the following educational opportunities to midwives.

COURSE NAME :  "Understanding the recommendations for Safe Infant Sleeping workshop"


This 2 CPD point activity will provide midwives with a sound understanding of the Safe Infant Sleeping recommendations and is suited to all midwives looking at updating their knowledge around this area of their practice.


Attendees comments about the session:


"A fantastic workshop. Everything I was hoping for and more. Thanks so much for providing this session."


"Fantastic course. Lots of interesting facts. Will recommend to other work colleagues."


"Presentation was easy to understand and pointed us in the right direction to gain further information."




Dates for 2021/22

  • There are currently no scheduled sessions for 2021. However sessions can be run by negotiation.

2) In-service Education


  • SIDS and Kids SA is able to provide in-service education to public and private hospital midwifery and neonatal departments.


Attendees comments about the session


"Excellent up to date information."


"Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation last week and for the additional information you have provided. Staff found the education extremely beneficial and have expressed interest in having further education on this topic."


"Very well presented session targeted to audience needs."


3) Safe Sleep information via email and phone support


  • SIDS and Kids SA are available to answer questions on safe infant sleeping issues and infant products via phone and email.

  • Support Agencies

  • (Case workers, Social workers)


4) In-service Education

  • SIDS and Kids SA is able to provide in-service education to support agencies.



Liza Jankowski

Education Manager


Phone:             8332 1066

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